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Deter Bots, NOT Prospective Customers

Captchas reduce conversions by up to 40 percent, according to a study conducted by Stanford.

It's not just you, everybody hates typing captchas and selecting the traffic signals/crosswalks. It's annoying. It's repetitive. That's why we created SpamKill. SpamKill is  100% captcha-free .

Do NOT let a machine ask your customers to prove that they are not machines! A little too ironic, isn't it?

How Do We Do That?


SpamKill detects human (or bot) behaviour
Bots vs Human

SpamKill is designed to differentiate between human and non-human (bot) input behavior. It does so by implementing various techniques including advanced honeypots.

With a combination of advanced techniques, SpamKill is able to achieve far superior accuracy than the captchas can offer.

  • 100% Captcha-Free
  • 100% Human-Friendly
  • Maximum Accuracy

SpamKill will never store or modify your data. It simply filters the bad data.

Compatible Platforms

SpamKill envelopes your platform's HTML form inside a secure HTML code. Most of the platforms offering HTML web forms are compatible with SpamKill.

SpamKill also offers a Wordpress plugin with a shortcode. It can also work in conjunction with your Wordpress form builder/lead generator plugins.

SpamKill is tested and confirmed working with these CRMs - Keap, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Kartra, Mailchimp, and GetResponse.

SpamKill's Wordpress plugin (beta) is tested and confirmed working with these plugins (in addition to pure HTML forms) - Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form 7, and WP Forms.

If your choice of platform is not listed, you can contact us from the link below so we can check the compatibility.

Could Not Find Your CRM?

Easy Installation



If you are using one of the supported plugins, locate the shortcode of that plugin on your page. If you are using an HTML form on your WordPress page/post, locate the form portion on your page.



Once you have located the shortcode or the html code, cover that part between [spamkill] (at the beginging) and [/spamkill] (at the end). If you are using shortcode, it would something like this - [spamkill][wpforms id=1][/spamkill]. For html forms, it would look like this - [spamkill]<form...>....</form>[/spamkill].



Publish the modifications. You can verify the form's protection level by visiting the page logged in as an admin user. You will see a notice confirming the protection status. That is easy, isn't it?



If you can not use the WordPress plugin, we have got you covered. Locate the form you want to protect and copy all the relevant code (including any form-specific CSS or Javascript).



Convert the copied code using our code-converter wizard. You will receive the SpamKill-Protected form code.



Paste the new form code you receive from the code converter to your website, replacing the original HTML code. That's it!

Founder & CEO,EmailSmart

Adrian Savage

"Very very simple effective tool that eradicate all bot-signups, spam signups; acts as a very good perimetric defence; haven't had a single bad contact being added since we put it in place."

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Your Questions, Answered

Frequent Questions

We understand you have questions, we have got you covered.

If your question is not covered, please use the contact form OR send an email to [email protected].

Have a Question?

SpamKill license is issued to each domain name where you would host your SpamKill protected forms. Please enter the domain name where you will host the web forms.

The easiest test is to look for "<form" in your form's code. If it's there, SpamKill will most likely work with it.

SpamKill can work only with HTML forms, however it can have some amount of javascript in it.

That is the reason we provide a free trial. Please signup for the trial, we are here to help if you run into any issues - [email protected].

SpamKill is designed to fight bot attacks. Our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon AWS cloud with DDoS protection and Auto Scaling. If you like to know more, please get in touch with support.

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